Looks like a very interesting site and concepts.
Not sure what HUMAINE is all about? Overwhelmed by the amount of information available? This page gives you a structured entry point.
Emotion-oriented computing is a broad research area involving many disciplines

The following figure is our proposed map of the thematic areas involved in emotion-oriented computing.

The central column represents the areas where purely
technological challenges loom largest
The left hand column deals with issues where
application is most obviously of concern
The right hand column contains the sub-areas with the strongest
roots in psychology.

The task of synthesising agents that can interact emotionally is at the center because it summarises the state of the art – it cannot be done well without satisfactory progress in all the others.

either edge of the diagram are issues with a strong
philosophical element which affect the whole enterprise –
finding appropriate ways to describe emotions and
emotion-related states
, and the ethics of emotion-oriented
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