How to Find Clever Web Domains Like del.icio.us
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How to Find Clever Web Domains Like del.icio.us or ma.tt or blo.gs

web-domain-hacks Say your name is Jessica and you plan to launch a personal website but the web domain jessica.com is already registered. You then try other common options like .org or .net but unfortunately, none of them are available.

What you can not try is different permutations and combinations of domain names - something like jessi.ca, j.essi.ca je.ssi.ca, jes.si.ca or jes.si/ca - they are all valid domains and if you’re lucky, some of them may be up for grabs.

To get such ideas for domain name, head over to domainfinder.geekfg.net and type a word or even a phrase. For instance, if you type "Paris Hilton", it will suggestion parish.il/ton which is for Israel. Thanks Palin.

#6 Alex 05.16.08

Too bad for Paris Hilton you can only register “co.il” and “org.il” domains in Israel.
“parish.il” is invalid.


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