why people fail in online money making..
There are thousands of people out there who want to make money online they try, and they fail, Why?
There can be lots of reasons to it, Making money online is about being there at the right time at the right place, If you want to make money online then you should see thats new and what can be done about it, You have to be able to find problems and solve those problems online.
The reason why people fail online can be many:
1.Lack of Skill: Internet is a very wide feild and you have to be able to have skill to make money online, you should have good understand of WWW, World wide web and how it works, You should have understand of how Google and other search engines work and basic Html too, If you have all these things in you, you will make money online.
2.Lack of hard work:Now you want to make money, but can you put in the hard work? can you work your self every day, 5-10 hours a day? If you can work every single day, then it will be easy for you to make money online, If you dont put in hard work, and do noting then results will be bad.
These are just two simple reasons, there are many.. please add your experiences as well.. 
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