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HowTo Decide Right Title While Working With Google Trends?
Its been long time I was not playing with google and google trends. (To the fact - full busy with google trends.). Just an observation to get quickly indexed into google search.
Sometimes I wonder why my blog link is not getting indexed early.
Here are few tricks about google trend title.
For this I have used two blogs, both are having page rank of 3.
Today on google trends I have seen board of secondary education rajasthan, But I was late, to post about that, just thought of playing, and learnt the trick.
posted the info on blog 1 first, and posted the same info on blog 2.
Used the pingomatic to tell search engine that I have updated the blog.
To my surprise blog 2 got indexed first instead blog 1.
Reasons and observations.
1. Title
on blog 1 I have given same title as google trends. with that title google search engine was having enough info. So I guess it was checking to contents and so taking time.
On blog 2 I have given mix title which was not available on google blogs.
So blog 2 got listed first. Listing in google search engine as early as possible is exploring power of now in blogging.
2. Suggestions
If you are working on google trends. check for other blog titles and do not give same title as others, give mix of title to get indexed quickly.

Happy blogging.

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