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Importance of blog it first. Today I have started to check google trends and seen about Adam Lambert search, I was having some work so I was late to post about that search. Later I posted it.
Here are Results and Conclusion of Posting it early.
Observations on Posting late.

  1. The search for Adam Lambert video 4/07/09 shows my link at fourth place, even though my page rank is 3.
  2. and bashhh.blogspot comes at second position even though its page rank is 2. That is power of blog it first.
Observations on posting it Now.
Later today I have posted " mi shivajiraje bhosale boltoy marathi movie" about to release, on my new blog just one month old, and see the magic traffic here,
In this post no extra keywords, no bold letters, no SEO stuff, and not much worried on blog title, still getting traffic to this post.
Results on Posting early.
In summary, Most important lesson for the day for me, I should not keep the idea's in my mind draft, whenever it comes, post it, like there is no tomorrow.
Use power of NOW

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