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Why I am thinking of moving to own site,

brand name over a period of time

crawl rate on blogger not able to set to faster

Mostly title length is limited

manual work in adding keyword for every post.

page rank over years.


503 Service Temporarily Unavailable

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.
503 Service Unavailable Error On Wordpress Hosted At Dreamhost
If suddenly user users hit count goes high on wordpress blog then you will start seeing this error, I am looking at this error from last 7 hours, and within this seven hours, wordpress live chat did helped me to learn a lot. Here are few good links and findings.
First thing once your server comes back apply this Wordpress performance

Well What was the reason for this problem, it is Dreamhost shared hosting services have the script which kills the process if the number of hits goes some limit, and that is set by memory usage by particular process, on shared servers. Next thing to do is Finding Causes of Heavy Usage
For this you need to Enabling Shell Access for your wordpress blog/website.
And finally moving to dreamhost's private hosting service, its free for one week, here are few quick steps:
to move to the new PS server, you will want to go here: domains > manage domains
click 'edit' next to your domain; then you can move it to a different ftp user, select the 'create new user' option from the drop down menu, then set it to create the new user on your new PS, private server from dreamhost. don't forget to cheek the box, set it to 'move all files to new user'
once all the copying is done, you should see your domain start to resolve to the new location; to check this, just go to 'private servers' click 'manage resources' and done..
moving to Ps server? do i need to make any other settings?
this should be resolving as soon as dns updates for you;;
Once done with moving to PS server, use this Flush DNS but, basically it means waiting a bit for dns to udpate and that's valid reason for providing PS service free for one week's time.


I am fan of FeedBurner and recently discovered about
How do I promote my FeedBurner feed on my Twitter account. This is what I was waiting from long time..
Here is simple two step guide for How To Promote FeedBurner Feed On Twitter Account?
Steps : login to feedburner
Select Account and click on publicize button.

from the left hand side select Socialize option.
This will open configuration options, which includes, Add a twitter account.
The Socialize service currently supports distribution on Twitter. This service is really good, hope they will start this for other social networks.
And activate it.
Only catch here is for twitter account, ie if you are running multiple sites or blogs you need to have multiple mail accounts for you to get twitter ID.

To ensure your feed updates in near real time, make sure you ping us immediately after your feed updates and that your blog platform is configured to use PubSubHubub. If none of these options are used for making your feed near real time, the Socialize service will look for and update with any new feed items every 30 minutes.
Read more configuration options

If you are a publisher and are not already using our Socialize service, From feedburner.google.com, visit the Publicize tab for your feed, select Socialize, Add the twitter account and click the [Activate] button at the bottom of the page. 

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