My classmate working in BARC- Bhabha Atomic Research Centre made a comment on my blog post software-engineer-in-usa-can-drive-benz why not indian?

and other two fellows were also agreed on what he says, India needs inclusive growth, This started my thought process and lots of thoughts and ideas flowing in my mind. All ideas were should be, that way, may do, but coming to ground level and digging in my routine life, what a common man can do and help for inclusive growth of India.

What I made to write this post is as well said "A single penny saved is equal to penny earned", Since you are reading this I am sure you also want to be part of Indian growth story, Here is first thought that conman man can do, to share his contribution towards inclusive growth, read on..

At my hub or here only, previous post Water saving tips can't avoid.

Post your comments join my thought process.


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