I was struggling to add my blog site-map URL to Google webmaster tool.

I got the answer on how to do it, thought of sharing with you.
It is very simple.
Say you have already added your site/blog to Google using webmaster tool. If you have not done you may need to look this post, which explains step by step guide for adding URL to Google and other search engines.

Ok, I have blog name like http://myammabhagvan.blogspot.com/ which is already added in google index,
Now login to Google webmaster, on left hand side go to site maps link. There click on "Add sitemap".
From drop down list select for "Add general web sitemap", your link will be already present only thing is you need to add "atom.xml?redirect=false" as your sitemap URL.
And click on Add sitemap tab.
Isn't it easy.


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