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My hubscore is above 85; and I think I can write something about it.
Yes you can earn money without having real website or domain name registered on you name.
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hubpages Advantages
First advantage is : you can Publish online with easy to use, non-techie tools. specially designed for non-techie people who crave for money.


second Advantage of hubpages is : Your hubs or published pages will get traffic from wide readers as hubpages is having large, active community and Forums
No need to worry about publishing your pages to social marking sites.
Third advantage is Tell your friends and get ongoing revenue

get other people to sign up
yes from hubpages you get Affiliate Program; The Affiliate Program allows you generate ongoing revenue when you refer new writers to HubPages

How does it work? When the Hubbers you've referred use our revenue-generating tools, you're entitled to an additional 10% of a hub's impressions. (We'll revisit the HubPage royalty structure in a moment.) And that 10% comes off HubPages percentage, not the Hubbers.

The more, high-quality writers you bring in, the greater your royalties.

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