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Ice Chewers (icechewing.com)

What it is
A place for people who really, really like to chew ice.


Men's Long Hair Hyperboard (mlhh.org)

What it is
A "hyperboard" (how old is this site, anyway?) for men to discuss growing, washing, brushing, and wearing long, luxurious locks. Many of the posts take on a defiant tone and mention things like "fighting the good fight," which, we assume, means not getting a haircut.


4chan's "Random Image Board" (img.4chan.org/b/imgboard.html)

What it is
We honestly have no fucking clue. All we know is that it has a lot of weird anime porn on it and everyone who posts on it types in all caps and makes absolutely no sense.


Second Life (secondlife.com)

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Juggalo Faith (juggalofaith.com)


Furrs Fur Christ (furrsfurchrist.com)


Slash Fan Fiction (slashfanfiction.com)


Boytaurs (boytaur.net)

What it is
We don't have the slightest idea.


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